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The death of an age brings about the birth of histories and legends.

My paid account has expired, and now I have to look at retarded…

It's only forever, not long at all

mona lisa

Use caution; for absinthe is but a slow poison.

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My paid account has expired, and now I have to look at retarded advertising all over livejournal. Oh joy. Maybe someday I'll buy it again, if I ever feel I have enough to write in here to make it worth while.

I'm feeling a bit more optimistic today. Maybe it's because I went to the city both today and yesterday. I always feel more alive after that.

Maybe I'm really a city girl. I would love to try living there for a week, but I don't see how it is possible.

But being around life is so exhilirating and envigorating.

Yesterday I went down to the city to go to the Social Security office. It seems that my card was lost in the shuffle of moving and starting new jobs. I'm sure it'll turn up after I get my new one. That's what usually happens. But anyway, I got down to State Street, finally said fuck it and parked in the Rochester Plaza Hotel parking, and walked the block or so to the Federal Bulding, only to discover a Xerox paper sign on the door that said Social Security had moved to Chestnut Street. I walked by some protestors and was handed a yellow flyer by an enchanting young man with a face for exotic photography.

So I got back to my car and drove all the way down to Chestnut street, which is near the Jazz festival, so I had to scavenge for parking again, and finally parked in the parking lot across from Vertex, and walked about 3 blocks to the HSBC place where the Social Security office now is. I got all the way to the 14th floor to discover they had closed just 8 minutes before I arrived.

So this morning I went there bright and early at 9 am. And waited 2 hours just to sign a paper and go.

Don't you just love the government?
  • So... now would be a bad time to tell you that you can replace that via the mail, right? >.<

    Dealing with parking in the city sucks at the best of times.
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